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very affecinate 4 year old

I am wondering if any of you have ever had this experience. My 4 year old is very loving,kind heart boy, tender and caring. He tells me all the time he loves me, and we as parents tell him. We hug, show affection etc. The problem is that he also is very affectionate with strangers and often will want to hug them. Is that normal? Why is he so comfortable with strangers? It bothers me because I worry about strangers (stranger danger) which despite my best efforts to get him to understand, he doesn't. I also am sort of hurt by his affection to people he doesn't know. Let me give you a situation. My older son plays baseball. At his first baseball game their was a grandma there watching her grandson play, and my 4 year old wanted to sit by her. It became such an issue that I had to take him to the car. I don't understand what I have done wrong. We are good parents,we spend time with him, play games, read , ride bikes, we love him so much but often he wants to "hang" around other people he doesn't know. Other parents at the baseball game or even at the park. Any suggestions or experiences with this. I am at a loss. Thanks

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He sounds like a very social child. Do not take it personally. Explain that hugs and affection of the sort is reserved for family and very close friends. He may need frequent reminders of this concept. Unless him wanting to sit by someone like the grandma is bothersome to the other person, then just sit there with him rather than making an issue of it. Many people enjoy the company of a social and engaging child.

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Keeping your child safe is your job, not his. I'd let him sit by perfect strangers. I'd sit right beside them.