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Should my 7 year old daughter get email?

My daughter is 7. My ex-husband, her dad, is a programmer tekkie. He wants to give her an email address that we can monitor. Is this really necessary at her age???

Thanks in advance.

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Phoenix Rising

Well my oldest son is 11 I think I sent up his first email address last year for him. I use Gmail for him where theres a Chat function so he can talk to his Grandparents THEY all LOVE it and is saves big time on phone bills.

I think as long as your keeping an eye on it its a good thing in this day and age kids being internet savvy is a good thing and a bad thing. For their future working in the world to come the more they know the better.

BUT with a grain of salt...Keep an eye on everything she does..Talk over all the risk and things she should look out for and tell her NEVER to give out her email to a stranger just as she would not give out her home address or phone number.

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My son has had email for a while (not sure how long) but he is 9 and has had it for over a year or so.

We only access the account together and he gets pictures and notes from his grandmother and mine. My grandma is in another state so it's nice to see pix and stuff instantly.

He also goes on and disney and such when I am there with him. He never uses the computer without me.

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motherof 5

yea why not as long as you watch it it is a great way for her to learn typing on the computer also great practice reading ,spelling .all 5 of my kids have emails and web pages 9 yrs ,13 yrs ,17,18 and 21 .the key is to check what they are doing and when and with who i call it my 3 W's "who what and when"

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All of our grandchildren have email, like tamz, it is monitored by their parents.

I think children have a great way of keeping in touch with grandparents and other family members that live in *far away lands*. I know we love to hear from the grandkids via email and on occasion through the instant messaging programs available. The webcam is also a wonderful tool, if monitored and used appropriately.
If we had a small child that used our computer regularly, it would definitely be outfitted with a security program that prevents certain things also.
Children today are taught technology in school at a early age.

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concerned mom

In answer to your question, I don't think it's necessary, but it cld be fun to use e-mail when communicating w/ friends and family. I agree that monitoring computer use is wise. My kids just started getting into the computer and games and such. I've helped them send messages via my e-mail. They especially love sending e-cards. Probably in a yr or so, if they continue to show interest, we'll set them up w/ an e-mail address. I think it's good that kids familiarize themselves w/ the computer at a young age b/c it's such a big part of our lives now. As long as it doesn't consume all their time, I don't see why e-mail shldn't be an option for young children.

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I think as long as it's under your control it will be fine. I would make sure to log her in her email account with you around and then make sure that the emails are safe for her to read. It's just like writing a letter without the postage. Modern way of keeping in touch with each other.