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Angela Morse

Shopping for my girls

Would like to make my girls look beautiful, but dont have alot of money to spend on shopping. any good hints or places?

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As a mother of 5 girls I really know what you mean, but everyone has a different opinion or style, so it depends what you define as beautiful, and how much you can afford. I don't have too much time for shopping, but I do give myself or my girls a treat every once in a while. According to my experiences you can always get bargains everywhere. I usually make a cap on how much I am ready to spend and try to stick with it. I choose a different mall every time sometimes its daffy's, century 21, macy's syms, or a large shopping mall or outlet, and sometimes it might even be at walmart. The quality of walmarts apparrel sometimes exceeds the most expensive brands so you really get a bargain at both ends. For boutique style clothing I found e-land and guisswein to be the strongest quality ever. You can also get excellent bargains online, and on e-bay. I type in the brand I am looking for and usually get very good buys.

Enjoy your shpping experience

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so want did you buy her


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concerned mom

I don't spend a lot of $ on my kids' clothing. They're outside most of the time, and they also grow out of things so quickly. Kohl's and Target are my 2 favorite stores to shop for my kids. Both places have cute children's clothing at very reasonable prices. Another suggestion, if you can sew, (I wish I had that talent), is to make your girls' dresses for special occasions, or even make their costumes for Halloween. You can also take very plain clothing (solid T-shirts, leggings and jeans) and add lace or other accents to them to dress them up. It also helps that you can pass clothes down from one sibling to the next. That has saved us a lot of $ as well. Hope this helps.

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We found an online free site, where folks list stuff they have no use for and it is given free to anyone that responds with the need. It can be found in Yahoo groups it is called .

We have outfitted three families of children with this service, and it cost us very little, just to go and pick up the stuff.

Crosby, MN

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the mall i have 4 kids 10 through 22 ,i shop at Aeropostale ,hollister,and Abercrombie ,watch for the sales my little girl loves the Aeropostale they have great sales and the clothes hold up well just bought my daughter enough clothes for the start of school next year and spent 135.00 that uncluded 9 shorts and shirts to match ,a new carry bag for her books ,two pair of sandles ,and socks ,they have clearance in the back at 70% off i love this store .and it is in style for kids people at school think i spend so much on my kids clothes which i do not i just shop the sales ,never buy second hand because i can get new for a little more and get full wear from it instead, just watch your sales i get shirts at Aeropostale for 5.00 each that is as cheap and some times cheaper then walmart ,Hollister on sale will run around 14.00 and Abercrombie is slightly higher at around 18.00 on sale .any of these place get lower as time goes by you just have got to check ever so many days .some shirts my 18 yr old has had since she was in middle school and they still look good .we have a Ross that is great to .old navy isnt bad either .depending on your girls ages if they are young like 8 yrs and under i would juswt check out Tj max ,Ross ,Walmart but if older check the store i mention (aeropostale you will not be sorry )