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recent toy recalls

Hey All


The recent toy recalls are huge and scary for the parents of young children.


Here is some information on the recalls that I thought everyone might find helpful.  Also, please discuss how you feel about the recalls here!


Child Safety and Product Recalls -





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I am very angry about all the toy recalls and can't understand why our government or more people are angry.  I know why the government won't say much because of China and Wallstreet, but I am sick of it all.  When will safety come before profit.  I for one will not buy another Mattel toy until they are made here in the U.S.  I do not trust these corporations and I know I don't trust China.  China does not even care for their own people.  I saw a recent article with pictures about how they kill dogs and then skin them sometimes while they are still alive.  I can't believe we even do business with communist China.  On the news this morning it reported that 1 in 3 children in China has excess amounts of lead in their blood compared with 1 in 20 kids here.  That shows right there they do not care for their own, which is how this country is becoming.  I won't buy Mattel ever again if it says made in China.