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my 8 year old son seems to show a cold side when around relatives or friends

Hi all,

my son is just gone 8.he is such a loving young boy but we have noticed that he desperatley needs to show off and show a cold, disobedient child,and it's so irritating for us as he seriously isn't a bold child. it is causing so many arguments at home now too as i don't want to punish him because i know he's very good,he also gets treated like a prince from his grandparents and they always say "he is never like that when he's with us" and that is driving me nuts,please help!!!!

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You need to discipline him. I don't know what type of discipline you believe in, but I personally would have given him a spanking right when this started.

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Hi, I thank you for your reply. I am from Ireland and we don't disipline our children by spanking them, I think that is a terrible way of instilling fear into our children, a more softer approach would be more my kind of idea,to make him understand how upsetting it is to see him act as a show off, maybe he's lacking in confidence and feels the need to show off. Like I said, he is a great child but has got a little messer side to him. but i would never see hitting him as a good point of disipline

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My little boy is eight and he "shows off" too. He only does this around ppl who are not as familiar to us. For the first few months after I started to introduce him to my bf he would talk so much in the car. He would try to shock my bf by talking about farts or poop and scary blood or something. He has calmed down now that he is getting to know him well. I wonder if your son is just in a certain stage of life where he gets over excited by visitors?

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Some direct teaching on manners might be helpful. When we are being polite we take turns talking, we listen more than we talk, we take part in the general conversation, we don't talk about body functions or body products -- and if an old person brings up the subject, we listen politely, to be sure we don't need to take them to the doctor, before we deftly change the subject. If you have a new talent to demonstrate, we take turns with that, too.