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Missing Game

I joined this site through because my child was upset that one of the games in the arcade said coming soon. That was 2 months ago. We went back on today to see if the game ever got uploaded and it still said "coming soon". I know this is pretty childish of me to get upset over a game, but it's a website that my son and I play together.

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Hi Austin, Thanks so much for your interest in and for reaching out with your issue. We do have more arcade games coming soon -- they should be available within the next few months. We apologize for your frustration and thank you again for your interest. Cara, FE Managing Editor
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You wot m8?? im still waiting for that dank funbrain kush its been 8 gotdang years since it said cuming soon! pls add much much games to dis websit in phase clan an I espect mush mo games plz.