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A little direction...? Insatiable curiousity!

So here is my dilemma.. I have a three year old who is dying to help me prepare and cook dinner at every opportunity. I am not sure what activities are appropriate for her?? Are there any products out there that specifically target children who are interested in cooking/preparing food? I think that this is a good way for us to bond and also for her to learn basic math skills.. counting, measuring, etc. but just want it to be a safe and enjoyable experience, possibly time saving with our busy schedule.

Anyone have any good advice?

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If it is hot or sharp, she needs to wait until her motor skills are better before she helps with it. She's pretty much limited to dumping and stirring.

She is going to make huge messes. If you are short-tempered about cleaning up, you need to wait until your coping skills are better before she helps with it. It won't save you time.

My grand-son has been "washing dishes" with his mom since he could stand on a chair and reach the sink. She does the rinsing, and of course, she does the sharps. He has occasionally broken a glass, but since mommy is right there, there have been no injuries.