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Kids Lending a Hand

Do any of your kids volunteer or participate in events for charity?

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My children were encouraged to volunteer, and they do.
I feel they learned from the other volunteers and the places at which they gave their time and talents.
My children are caring, compassionate people in part from their experiences.
We started them out helping others at about 4 years old.
We walked pets for elderly in our neighborhood, and weeded gardens also.
I supervised them until they were 13, and ALWAYS did my homework before they were allowed to volunteer.

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concerned mom

That's a great thing you're doing w/ your children, Whoops. I only hope my kids will grow to be as compassionate to others as your kids are. My children are still young, but they love to help when they can. Also, at school they're involved in fundraisers that support certain causes. I always explain to them why they are collecting money, and I get them involved in the process. It's a great learning experience for kids to help others, and I really believe it brings out such positive characteristics and feelings in them.