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i have just read bout i m worried ,should i?

i have 25 months old son.he is active like every 2 year old .but he dont speak any word instead speak lots of baby language.i m new in USA thats y i dont have any friends here where i can go with him and introduce him with other kids.what should i do.when i read symptoms of autism and normal bihaviour of 2 year old ..both r very much simplar.if any of u know exect difference please tell me..because i dont wana go to doc..i m sceard

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Nobody here will be able to replace a doctor. If you have concerns, you should certainly take you son in. While you may be scared, truely, if there is indeed a problem, the sooner you get help, the better off your child will be.

The language delay could be caused by any number of things. Are their 2 languages at home? Often kids who are learning 2 languages in unison will be delayed in speech but more than make up for it later with fluency in 2 languages. There are also many speech disorders that have nothing to do with autism. Talk to your local school district. Ours offers free speech to kids toddlers and preschoolers through elementary school. He could also just be a late speaker! You won't really know until you dig in, talk to a doctor and find out!

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I'm with the other lady.I think you should go to doc. After all your baby deserves it. I don't know where u r from but here . The schools really do everything they can to help. Including early childhood development believe me my son was diaginosed in Kindergarden. Just something to think about. If u find out anything let me know. I won't judge. I've been there.K