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How often parents get to go out

My husband and I disagree with the amount of time we get to go out per month and how often to hire a babysitter so we can have not only alone together time but also time to socialize on our own.  Is really causing alot of stress in my marriage among many other issues need advice.  PLEASE!

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A date every week would be a good idea.
Socializing without children or spouse? I like my family. When my kids were little, I did have a monthly church meeting, just women, and there was a nursery provided for the children. Perhaps you could find an interest with that sort of support, or our neighborhood also did a preschool co-operative, where we had 4 children and did a little lesson and they played together for an hour every Mon.Wed, and Fri. We rotated so the kids did it every week, but it was only the mom's turn every 4 weeks.
When I was a working mom, I socialized a little bit at work, that had to be enough. My husband does some community volunteer stuff and attends church which pretty much takes care of his socializing, alongside his employment.

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I like to get out alone with my bf every other week or so. (our family social life is so busy)

I have "ladies night" once a month with my girlfriends and I would not miss that for the world!

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concerned mom

My husband and I just started going out for breakfast once a wk, now that both our boys are in school and my husband's schedule is more flexible. It's a great opportunity for us to talk, unwind and bond. We look forward to it each wk. I also agree w/ tamz. Going out w/ the girls is good too. When we can, a group of us get together for coffee, a drink and sometimes a movie.
If you feel your marriage is stressed, take these time outs for yourselves. It doesn't have to be costly. Make the time, and just do it.