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how do I get my 11yrs old boy to stop using foul language>

My youngest son is 11yrs old who is naturally bright, able to get straight A with min efforts however he is very lazy and careless, doesn't do his chores until getting yelled at. I have tried to take away video games, grounding him but still no changes in his behaviors. He also going to new school with new group of friends that recently interested in skateboarding, changing his physic by wanting long hair, wearing hat constantly and using foul languages with his friends through phone texting ( he has never use foul languages in front of us). I also taken away the phone and asked him why he's using foul languages? He told me he was upset with his friends and most of the kids in his school do curses. I informed him that he needs to expresses his feeling by letting them know that he is hurting and not through cursing and that cursing could becomes a bad habit. How do I get him to stopped and realizing that is not cool to curse and live up to his full potential? Any advice would be greatly appreciated... thanks

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The behavior modification method of extinction is described in the board called "Conflicting in child's needs directions." Try it with your son.

Also, be sure your child understands the meaning of the foul language he uses. It's a little shocking to hear your mother's voice calmly defining vulgar language.

He can choose to have long hair and wear a hat when he is responsible for all his expenses. In 7+ years. Until then, his appearance represents your family. Every parent since the beginning has heard "all the kids are doing it." Wise parents have never believed it.

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More great advice. You are the parent, take control and act as such!