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HELP! How do I tell my (divorced) brother and sister-in-law that they are ignoring their child?

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to some thoughts on this issue.

My brother and his wife had problems with their marriage at the beginning of this year. They went through a few months of trying to work it out, but eventually called it quits after after being married for only two years. They had actually been dating and living together for around four or five years prior to getting married.

They did have a child before they decided to get married.

Anyhow, they are still living together, because they cannot afford to live apart.

The problem is that they are constantly fighting and don't pay any attention to my three year old niece. My niece is incredibly bright and remembers everything! So, she remembers their fights and all that.

I don't really care how they live their lives except that it's majorly affecting my niece.

My brother doesn't listen to anyone. I am sure that he is depressed, but is too stubborn to accept the fact that he's marriage is over. He actually has a girlfriend, but I'm pretty sure it's a rebound thing.

My former sister-in-law, on the other hand, seems thrilled with her new found freedom and is constantly "working." We live in Las Vegas and she is an independent casino host and promotes for clubs - so she is constantly on her phone.

Again - they can do whatever they want with themselves, but our friends and myself are geniuninely concerned for the well-being and happiness of my niece.

We're thinking about putting a hidden camera in their house to show them how caught up they are with themselves and how much they ignore her.

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I think there is no easy way to tell parents that they arent paying any attention to their daughter. So my advice to you is that you need to be firm and tell your brother that he needs to pay attention to his daughter because constantly arguing and fighting infront of her can really mess with her head. She can be stressed because it does effect her. Maybe they need to go to counseling. They need to pay attention to her because later on your niece might be the one who needs counseling. That happened one of my family members and it was not pleasant.