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going to kindergarten..and having accidents

My son is almost 5 and will be going to kindergarten in the fall.  He is still consistently having accidents in his underwear, especially pooping his pants and I don't know what to do with him anymore.  I have tried both disciplining him when he poops his pants, and rewarding him when he doesn't, any suggestions?

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concerned mom

I was in the same boat w/ my son. What worked for us was to put him on the potty consistently every hr. It's a pain, but it worked. We also put his underwear over a pull-up, so if he had an accident, it wasn't a big mess. He still felt like a big boy in his underwear, and we knew he didn't like the feel of the wet pull-up. Our biggest challenge was w/ the pooping. My son used to hold it in, then get constipated. His dr recommended an over-the-counter laxative called Fiber Choice. It comes in chewable tablet form, and there are different flavors. My son takes it w/ his multi-vitamin every morning, and it definitely has made a difference. Be patient, and don't push too much. I did, and that backfired on me. It'll click for your son eventually. Good luck!

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Disciplining for accidents is not going to help at all. He probably cannot help it, either because of something medical or emotional or both. See your pediatrician as soon as possible to try to resolve this issue before he begins school.

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My son will be 5 in August and also starting Kindergarten. He was having the same problems. I had tried EVERYTHING. Stickers, discipline, being excited when he went in the potty, etc. Nothing worked. We would recognize the signs of him needing to go and we would make him sit on the potty until he went. Then one day he just started going in the toilet. He's only being going consistently in the potty for about 6 months. He even had a poop accident in his pants outside about a month ago. But has been fine every since. My mom had been telling me that he just wasn't emotionally ready. She was right. I know it is very frustrating! Just hang in there!