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feeling alone

i am new to this board but need people to talk to, my partner started a new job 3 months ago which means he works 4 nights a week then has 4 days off then 4 on and i gave up my job to take care of our baby full time and i love doing it, but laley everything seems to be getting to me.
I find myself angry at small things and worrying im a bad mother, i snap at my son when he has a tantrum which make me feel worse i have tryed talking to my partner about this he says its normal to get a bit stressed as its a big change but i feel so alone i try talking to my mum and she said that its my fault as i had a baby so i can no longer talk to her about these thing as she makes me feel worse and all my sisters seem to do is off load theire children on to me so they can de stress but when i need the favoure returning they refuse or say they are busey i need something to do or something to change has anyone got any ideas or has anyone felf the same (sorry this is so long but i needed to vent )

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Vent away! We all have felt overwhemed by motherhood while our children are small. It sounds like your partner is supportive so that is good. Set boundaries with your sisters. Try to start a babysitting co-op with some of your peers. If your mother is not supportive, don't talk to her. Develop a support network. Go to library storytimes and community playgroups you can find in your area. Your child will grow up so fast, try to do what you can to enjoy this time in your life. Congratulations on being able to be a stay at home mother and best wishes to you!

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I agree. First things first, take care of yourself. If YOU don't feel good, you will take it out on your child. Try to eat right, sleep well, take naps when you have to, get out when you can to socialize w/ other moms. See how that works for you. Not everyone is cut out to be a stay at home mom, and every mom gets stressed, so it's not just you. When your partner is home, give him time w/ the baby, and you get out for yourself. Also, don't feel obligated to take care of anyone else's kids. You have your hands full enough, and your sisters will just need to understand that. There have been times when I've had to take a step back, walk out of the room, or even drink a glass of wine. Do what you need to do for yourself. It's ok to say no sometimes.