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does this happen to you too?

My 2 years old daughter wakes up 2-3 times at night, crying that she wants to go out of the room. once she threw a tantrum in the middle of the night, and i gave in and took her out of our bedroom , and found out she wanted to go to the kitchen to eat at 3 am. (!!!) she ate full dinner and then it was next to impossible to get her back to sleep again. Since then i don't take her out of the bedroom, as i know it's not healthy for a 2-year old stomach to have full dinners at 3 am!. so i told her a story about an angry woman (sometimes doctor), who is standing in the hallway and gets angry at kids who leave their rooms at night. It seems to help, but i hate it every time i say it. Scaring my kid is the last thing i wanted to ever do in my life. But i have no choice, otherwise her tantrums will last all night long. For background info - she still sleeps in my and husband's bedroom, hasn't moved to her own bedroom yet. Please help me. Do your 2 year olds wake up at nights screaming to leave the room and NOT sleep? Please note that she has never slept through the night since birth. And i weaned her at the age of 1.5 years old, so i thought she would be sleeping all right by now.
Any comments and advice will help. Thanks in advance.

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research "night terrors" and see if this is your child's problem.