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Desperately need advice on talking to roommate’s about their child abusing my dogs!

I realize that many parents are very defensive about their children and desperately need advice on approaching this subject. My roommates daughter is 1 ½ years old and very rough on my dogs. The adult dog tolerates it but I am afraid the puppy will soon resent her and possibly all children as he too is at a crucial developmental stage. I tried to be polite and explain the importance of how her interactive will shape the puppy as an adult. Not to mention that the behavior will escalate if let ignored. But that didn’t help. My children did not behave like this so I am really at a loss. I always correct her, tell her no or remove the dogs, usually all of the above. I have caught her throwing sand in their faces when sun bathing, she kicks them when walking by, she rams her rolling toys into them when they are sleeping. That is all while I am right there. The other day I put the dogs outside while I was moping, I didn’t realize that they let her outside with them and I caught her repeatedly hitting the puppy with an xbox remote. Over and over and the father just sat there and did nothing. I was caught her sitting on the puppy’s head, right at the fathers feet. I asked him to get her off and he lightly threw the puppy by the collar and never even told her no, as if the puppy was to blame. I never leave my dogs with her unsupervised but they continuously let her in the backyard unsupervised with my dogs because she cries to be with them. It is now to the point that I cannot leave them to play in the backyard any longer. As you can imagine my frustration is twofold. First, I do not share their opinion that an animal is just an animal and doesn’t matter. I feel we are responsible for them just as we are our children and they should be treated kindly as well. Second is I cannot be with them 24 hours a day. I lock them up when I am away and that is also hard on them. HELP!!! How can I approach this topic again? I am getting the impression that they resent me telling her no, perhaps it isn’t my place. But when I turn around and she just kicked one in the face or something else it is like second nature to stop it. I honestly do my best to keep them apart but it is very, very difficult to never allow her near them. I just want to minimize the behavior when we are around each other.

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Wow that is awful. I would be really upset. We correct out two year old all the time when she mistreats are dog. She should know that treating a living thing like that is not okay. I would approach it first from the standpoint of the child's safety. That way they think your on the same side. Say things like " we need to make sure to watch and correct her because the dogs are frustrated and might bite or retaliate". Also of they don't correct her and she just learns that it's okay to treat animals this way she will get a really rude awakening one day if she ever has an encounter with a less patient dog. I would bring that to her attention. It only takes one to do damage. If she goes to a friends house or the park and 'plays' with another dog like that she could get really hurt. Overall it's not okay they are living and your roommates should be conscious and not let their child be hurting our possessions. Good luck
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I can imagine what you are going through and yet you have no where to run. From the look of things, it sounds like you are a very soft person a character that people take advantage of. The best thing for you to do is to tell the parents you do not like the way their child is treating your dogs. If they do not act take it upon yourself to correct her regardless of how the parents view it.