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demanding children

O.k. I have three children one boy age 8 and two girls age 4 1/2.  They all demand my time every waking moment.  They compete with each other for my attention especilly the girls.  I read everywhere to try to get alone time with ech of them.  This is never possible.  If I try to do something with one of them alone it either ends up where the other two or one of the two tries to get my attention.  Or when I try to stop doing something that I was doing with one of them they start to complain  or whine.  They never want the activity to stop.  I am very active with my kids.  I take them everywhere, to parks,to pools, to friends, have friends over, go to shows, movies, amusement parks, vacations, everything.  I just don't understand why it is never enough.  Am I doing something wrong?