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Bedtime Meltdowns!!!

I have twin 9 year old daughters. They are good students and are mostly good girls. However, when it is bedtime, they scream and carry on like I just asked them to eat worms!

They have a 9:30 bedtime on weeknights. They get showers and their jammies on at around 8:00 or so, and by 8:30 they are ready for their "relax time" (a ritual we have had since they were babies), which is chilling out with a snack. We either watch some television show, a movie or we play a board game.

When 9:15 hits and it is time to brush their teeth, the battle begins. They scream at me and tell me I am the worst mother in the world. It is the same thing every single night. If my husband is home, he screams back at them and they cry and carry on, and tell him he is worst dad in the world.

It is really difficult to deal with this every night of the week. I realize that they are children, but they should be used to this routine by now.

I know that bedtime is a transition period, and that some kids just have trouble with transitions. However, this is causing such family choas, that I need some advice.


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See my reply @ "Bedtime! It is no fun for anyone" posted below.

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well for one they are 9 years old! I would definitely not put up with all of that yelling and screaming at me, if I were you , you probably dont believe in whopping your child and if you do probably not with a belt but I would just carry one to scare them. I do it with my nieces and nephews and they listen to me I just carry it or lay it around my neck so they will see it and it never fails they will listen to me and like two minutes before the parents would tell them the same thing and i would turn around and do that and it works with out even having to use it. but that's just what i do. I know that I wouldn't ever from no kid put up with the disrespect that they are showing you. I am always the first one to tell anyone's kid you better do what you mom or dad tell you to do or dont you talk to your mom or dad that way i don't stand for that [filtered word] at all no matter whose kid so dont put up with that crap they will always do it for the rest of their or your life rather if you keep letting them get by with it.