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Bedtime! It is NO fun for anyone!

Does anyone have any suggestions on bedtime? It is a real problem for my 9 year old. I have tried everything. His therapist and I have all but given up! I do lavender baths, chamomile tea, hot milk, back and foot rubs, books... You name it! Please any suggestion that anyone can give are appreciated!!!

Sarah Mancuso

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Have you tried the "super nanny" approach? Very simple, it's bedtime, the child is expected to go to bed in their own bed at the time set by the parent, lights out and off they go. If/when the child gets up, put the child back in bed, without talking to the child, no matter how long it takes. You are the parent, you are in charge, you make the rules. It takes patience and does work.

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What exactly is the issue at bedtime? Is he saying he is not tired, or is he refusing to go to bed?

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Aviod sugary drinks and foods and develop a soothing bedtime ritual like reading. Keep the child away from TV an hour or so before bedtime.