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Are you done expanding your family?

I have always wanted and dreamed of having a BIG family. 4-5 kids. My husband agreed with that before we ever got married. However, due to medical issues we have been forced to stop at 2 children. I love my boys, they are my entire world. Yet, to know I'll never be pregnant again, never hold a newborn infant, or generally get to enjoy all the wonderful parts of watch a baby become a child, just breaks my heart. I know it is the correct decision for me and my family, but it sucks! Has anyone else dealt with this issue? How did you cope with these feelings? Thanks in advance.

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I understand where you are at with this.When I had my son, my doctor pushed me to have my tubes tied, despite the fact that I was suffering from severe ppd.I was single after ending an unhealthy relationship after finding out I was pregnant.I married someone who said kids didn't matter - but they did and that destroyed the marriage.I wanted more children,but it wasn't cheap or easy to reverse a tubal.I spent so many years wishing I could have another there were times I literally thought I was going crazy over it.After the divorce, I volunteered for a program through social services which helped me to cope with how I felt, and helped others.I became a foster mother for pregnant teen girls who wanted to keep their babies.Most were 16-17 when they had their babies, but they could go to school and I provided a home and helped them learn how to take care of their baby.I still babysit from time to time for a couple of them when their daycares are closed or something like that.