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7 year old cant be alone EVER

My daughter is 7 yrs old and cannot be alone EVER. Night or day she must be within sight of someone she knows(mom or dad). Example- she and I are at home and I leave the room to put laundry away, she runs through the house yelling my name, with growing panic in her voice til I holler I am in ----. I can leave the room telling here in advance but she will follow me. I work days now too and she has to sit in my office all summer so I signed her up for 3 hrs daily of fun summer activities through our rec office. She went 4 times and refused to go again, her reason she loves me too much to be away from me. She sleeps with me, she will sit in the bathroom with me, etc... She will be in the 2nd grade and the last 2 years have been horrible she gets so upset she throws up, headaches, goes into complete melt down. She has no friends, wont attend playdates, shows no interest in anything unless I am with her. I try to give her options and have even made her try new things but her dad lets her quit and cling. He tells me I am being cruel and it doesnt hurt her to be with me all the time. I am afraid if I cant help her it will effect her whole life. I am out of ideas, any input will be greatly appreciated. thank you

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Have you had her evaluated by her pediatrician and/or a child psychiatrist?

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From your description it sounds like your daughter may have an anxiety disorder and would benefit from being evaluated. The sooner you get this issue addressed, the sooner she will be able to function in a more typical manner. A professional will be able to help your family sort this out.