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Please help : very long : is he autistic?

Please help : very long : is he autistic?

Pending diagnosis by neurologist. Have evaluation in 10 days by state

Twin boy 21 months old :bilingual :Twin sister dominant and needs lot of attention

Twin daughter is cute and more social then the boy. So, all visitors pick her up all the time than him.
He is a shy guy.

Things of concern for autism for my twin boy
Doesn't respond to his name
has eye contact when he wants
does't point (Today, we blew some bubbles and he was pointing to the bubbles to pop them)
He is fasinated by alphabet and numbers and tries to identify/recite them most ofthe time

he walked by 1 and crawled by 5 moths

He is fasinated by alphabet and numbers and tries to identify/recite them most ofthe time in the house/malls , etc
Could the following be the reasons
1.Twin competition
My twin daughter tries to be more dominat. Both my kids kow they all capital letters and numbers, some colors ad shapes
Neighbour's family visited us oneday. They were writing the letters for my daughter to identify.
As and when she was answering them, they were thrilled ad were appreciating her a lot.
he tried to join thm but was pushed by her in front of all of us. I know he was sad.
Did it affect him and his confidenc?
Is that why he is repeating the numbr and color for appreciation?

2. Env
whole of first year, we did not take them out a lot( winter ad too young)
This is the first summer I amd taking them out on a regular basis. To engage them during winter, I played DVDS a lot (brainy baby ovr and over).

Also, I startd takig them down the stairs (we live on third floor in out bld). To make it easy for me with both of them,
I would encourage tem to count the stairs.
Also, the first I them in the swing (park), I swung them and said numbrs (1..2...3) to practise their number.

So, now whenever we walk the stair on the swing he keeps saying his numbers.
Even during out walks on the road, I would say rhymes or numbers to engage.

normally has milk in his sippy cut.
Today we gave him chocolate pediasure, he looked at it like what is the color diff and drank it.

normally likes to put the straps of the high chair by himself on both sides. he likes it mor like a game
somedays he tries it by standing on the floor.
This particular day, he straped 1 side ad was having a tough time on th othr side,
so he climbed up and sat on the high chair all by himself and put the other side

We take him out for a walk and stuff.
Enjoys the whole time and the moment he says the gate of our house he doesn't want to go in

When I get dressed to go out , he wants me to pick him

When I say come to mamma, he comes to me runnig witha huge smile on his face

Today, we blew some bubbles and he was pointing to the bubbles to break themnnn


Identifies and says

hi waves bye-bye hello barney
pac in native lang is milk(pal)

said these words once in the last 2-3 days.Not sure if they are meaning ful words
swing slide go
baby pac
red clock sky duck truck

identifies 95% of capital letters
knows and identifies 1-10 ( 7 as seventeen) and can say till 20
identifies few shapes ( tri, rec, oval, heart, circle) sometimes crescent
identife red, purple and orange colors
recites rhymes 1. twinkle
2. itsy bitsy oder
3. Five litle monkeys
4. Johnny Jonny
5. can finish some natice lanhaage songs [ 1- 10 in telugu ]
Knows 95% of ABCD song

Knows days and months

sibling comptitiion:
when sitting on LAP
when playing

likes books === turns pages of the book

When I say " I love you", says barney

1. change dvd, switch off tv,
2. engrossed in watching his fav dvds
3. smiles when kids in tv smiles, laughs when he finds it funny,
4. nudges with the remote to start the dvd,

listening to music in car. giggles when kids in the the lullaby dvd giggle

Loves ABCD song

eats wih hand, fork and spoon
likes spegatti
does not sit in high chair now

Chase game runs, kicks ball, slides realy well, climbs monkey bar, tries to establish eye contact with other kids in the park

When we tickle his tummy and suff, laughs a lot and has great eye contact,
Enjoys swing
Plays and fights well his twin sister
can repeat basketball & tennis plays & uses phone
climbs stairs on his own using rails
Moves from one toy to another.
He plays well with thetoys . Some turns the wheels. for less than 10secs and moves on.

Very happy seeing his dad home
looing at photo - he looks at people in the picture (did this once)

Tries to bath himself with the mug

sometimes seen grindling teeth [ Mom's bro & sis were grinding teeth ]

want to nibble on blanket, paper(tissue), towel
Enjoyed rides in the beach
Was a little hesisant to walk in the sand ( first time thhis year)

Could he be autistic? very scared

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I have cared for one autistic child, given piano lessons to one with Aspberger's. Your little boy sounds bright. I'm not an expert, just a mom.

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i am the mother of a very sweet severe MR son i so i understand how scared you must be .the important thing is to stay calm and know no matter what the out come of this your son is still who he is no matter what the docs say he is who he is and nothing will ever change that ,it took me years to understand this when it was told to me .their are so many ways to get help for our children out there now, you have got to be strong if you get news that scares you about him .you will be the one having to research and find out ways to make his life wonderful.because either way if he is or isnt he is still a human who deserves the best things in life just like anyone else .my son is now 18 ,he was not even suposed to ever walk ,know his name ,or even talk much .they were so wrong i would not except that for him i told myself if there is a way i will find it he walks ,can write his first name ,plays video games and talks to everyone he meets.yes there are things he can not do like they said but that is okay because he is my child and i love him for who he is not what he is ..i wish you the best luck find the strength in you to learn what is going on with your child ,find ways to help and deal with it ,and most of all know he is a gift in trusted to you because you are the one who can handle all life brings you with this special little boy.

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concerned mom

From what you stated, your boy doesn't sound like he's autistic to me. Many kids have traits that cld be considered autistic, but to me no real red flags seem to be waving here. For peace of mind, I wld follow through w/ the eval. Your boy, however, seems on target w/ a lot of things, and I agree that he's quite bright and advanced in certain areas. All kids have their own personalities, and they develop at their own rates. I wldn't worry too much right now. Good luck w/ the eval. Let us know how you make out.