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over eating

my autistic son is over eating everything and gaining weight,how do i get him to stop?is it part of the autism?

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seek professional advice

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concerned mom

How old is your son? From what I know about autism, there are many kids that don't eat b/c they don't like certain textured foods. I have one friend whose daughter is autistic, and she tells me her daughter won't eat w/out her assistance, and she'll only eat certain things. Then my other friend whose son is autistic says that her son eats well. It cld just be a growth spurt. If weight is an issue, keep only healthy snacks in your home. Also, monitor what your son eats, his quantity of food, and at what time he eats. Making a few simple changes can make all the difference. If you still have difficulties w/ your son's eating habits, talk to his pediatrician or consult a nutritionist. Good luck.

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Well aside from seeking professional help as the best solution here, I'd like to share the trick my mother used on me to prevent me from overeating. She used to let me drink glass of water, juice, or milk in intervals while I eat.

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Autism usually occurs when the child is three year old.I don't think your child have this problem try to give some light food this can avoid him from overweight.

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Here are some tips which may help you out.Precede your meal with an apple, raw vegetables or a salad with reduced fat dressing. Doing so will curb your appetite and give your diet a fiber boost.

Avoid overeating due to emotions by talking to a counselor or close friend, or keeping a journal. Or, log on to a message board or chat room you enjoy to get support from your "virtual" friends.

Exercise! When you feel a binge coming on, exercise is a great way to elevate your mood and get your mind of food. It also relieves stress.

When dining out, ask your server to package up half of your entree in to-go container when he brings your meal. Chances are you won't open that container and eat the rest there and then.For more information you may visit this health blog

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Well! You need to consult any specialist. Over eating is bad in any case is your child is normal or autistic.

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It's not so bad that your son is eating too much, but you should aim only healthy nutrition food which keep him healthy and maintain a normal weight.
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Yes I must agree eating hobbit is not a bad thing, but it should healthy foods which is good for your overall health.