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I need help!

I am a student at the University of Cincinnati, and was wondering if I could get some parents to take a questionnaire to help me with my Senior Thesis.

I'm an Industrial Design student, and I'm working on a children's product for my final project. I was hoping I could get some research from you guys to help me with my project. The target audience for my project are children around 12 years old, but children 7-15 will also give useful responses.

Give as much information as you are comfortable giving. If you don't feel comfortable being specific, you can be vague or simply skip the question. I would appreciate it if you and your children took the questionnaire together so you can consult them about certain questions to give more accurate results.

This information will ONLY be used to help me with my school project.

1.) Age
2.) Gender

3.) Where do you live (State/Province)?
4.) Are you a single parent?

5.) What are your main considerations when purchasing toys for your children?

6.) What video game consoles, if any, do you own? How much do your children use it?

7.) What games do you own for it?

8.) Do you purchase video games for your children? What are your main considerations for your purchases?

9.) How concerned are you about your children's weight (i.e. health concerns)?

10.) Are you concerned your children aren't getting enough exercise?

11.) Are your children involved in any organized physical activities (i.e. little league)?

12.) What kind of unorganized physical activities do they like to do (i.e. tag, capture the flag, jumping bikes, etc.)?

13.) What are their favorite toys or possessions?

14.) What are their favorite video games?

15.) How often do they play video games with others?

16.) What is their favorite color?

17.) What do they think is "cool"?

18.) Is there anything else you'd like to add that you think would help me?

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate any help you can give me. If you can send this to people you think would net helpful results, I'd greatly appreciate it.

My school email is wagonejd@mail.uc.edu if you want to contact me directly.

Thank you!