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Helicobacter pylori

Hi everyone , i need your help
my mother suffered from Helicobacter pylori for nearly six months . she cant eat anything because of the bloating of stomach and loud guts . doctor prescribed 2 weeks antibiotics . after h. pylori test the result was negative but bloating and guts continues then doctor prescribed pantoprazole but nothing changed .
she is very care and dont eat sour , salty , greasy foods
please somebody can tell me what can i do ?
thanx in advance

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I don't quite understand your post - did she finally get a positive test result? I got h. pylori from a bad sushi restaurant - my dad, sister and her husband also got sick after we all went out to eat together. That is how I know where it came from (still love sushi, but only eat it at known good places near the ocean now!). Anyhow, 2-weeks of antibiotics cured it for all of us. But it was horrible before I got a diagnosis - it hurt to take a SIP of beer or coffee or anything that was not water. And I found our through research that they now think h. pylori causes 90% of stomach ulcers, so it is serious if not treated. Anyhow, good luck. She may need to try a different course of antibiotics as there is so much resistant stuff out there,
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mabe you need to seek an oppinion from another doctor if the treatment she is seeking now doesnt work.