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Asthma and Allergies

I just read the asthma and allergies information in this site, about common environmental allergies in kids and I wanted to this information with you:

An EPA report, stated that indoor air pollution is one of the nation's most important environmental health problems. According to the EPA most homes have airborne concentrations of hazardous chemicals that are two to five times higher indoors than outdoors.(1)

This is my own experience:

My 4 year old daughter used to cough without any reason, doctors said it was allergies...I started trying to find a real reason for the cough and I noticed that after she took her tub, she started coughing, well, the baby body wash that I used on her (from a very well known brand) contains some ingredients that can cause allergies and asthma attacks, I was shocked!,  I changed all her baby products and my  house cleaning products to safer, eco friendly and better ones, the cough is gone!.

(1)Nancy Sokol Green, Poisoning our Children, (The Noble Press, 1991)



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concerned mom

Thank you for sharing this info. My entire family (my husband, 2 children and I) all suffer from allergies. I get a cough that lingers forever every time I get sick or if I'm exposed to allergens. It's awful! I also have slight asthma, and my sons are prone to ear infections. My husband and I don't smoke, but we were raised by parents who smoked. I'm sure that didn't help.
I'm glad to hear your family is living healthier. I'm going to take your advice and experiment w/ different products. Thanks again.

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I liked your comment a lot, many people don't believe or don't want to believe that we do have chemicals and toxins in our homes, of course they say, they never got sick (lucky them).
I spent coughing about 6 months and nobody could find a reason, my daughter as I said was coughing for a long time, I can not accept that is only a coincidence the fact that since I got rid of the chemicals, the problems were fixed, thanks for your reply, hopefully it will inform other people about this subject!

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I agree with the toxic bit..I have changed to all the eco friendly cleaners and have found they have made a huge difference to how we all feel..because it can't be natural taking in all these chemicals.

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thanks for the update, i just got rid of my child's body wash

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I as well have been changing over to the eco friendly cleaners as I use them up. One other thing I've been doing as well, and yes in the cold of winter, is opening a window up when I'm cleaning the bathrooms. I do this to let the cleaner smells out and to get fresh air in, so I'm not breathing in the cleaner as much. I worry about what I'm breathing in, especially with the rise in lung cancers with people who don't even smoke.

Just a thought for you..... oh, and I was advised by a cancer survivor to always spray the rag and then clean. Don't spray the toilet or sink or whatever. Spray into the rag, so the spray isn't into the air and your lungs as much.

Good luck... stay healthy.

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