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Are natural products the way to go?

Just wondering how many parents try to use more natural products in their home.  Is anyone else frustrated because they want to use natural products but can't because they are on a tight budget? 

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gail Hanson

I use water to wash my mirrors.  It takes a little more elbow-grease, but then my arms aren't as flabby:)  I use vinegar instead of chlorine bleach in my laundry.  I use straight vinegar to get scale off the shower, too.  I use ammonia in my laundry when perspiration is really rank, or if there is a greasy mess.  If you are looking for cheap and natural, your state extension agent may have recipes for cleaning mixtures.  If you want somebody else to mix them up and sell them to you, you will pay more.

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I understand how you feel.  I hated using harmful products but the all natural ones were way too expensive.  I have found a company that has all natural products and they cost less than walmart!  They really work great!

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I don't like to pay alot either. I shop with a company that has reasonable prices that are cheaper than name brand products. Who wants harsh chemicals in their home. It seems like cancer is everywhere. It stinks. My father has cancer of the colon.

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concerned mom

There's a store called Whole Foods near me that sells a lot of natural products for the home. I also heard that either Home Depot or Lowes is going "green" w/ their paint. Supposedly they have a line out that's free of harmful chemicals and fumes. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the brand is called Behr.