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Transformers II

Has anyone seen the new Transformers? Is it better or worse than the first movie in your opinion?

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concerned mom

Haven't seen it. My kids like Transformers, so I think they'd like it. If it's anything like the Hulk movie (a lot of hype, but nothing special), I wldn't waste my $. In movies like that, the effects are usually good, though, so it cld be entertaining for the kids (or even the big kids, like my husband). 8-)

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Transformers are classics movies, why not backup them your kids.
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How to Copy Transformers II DVD Movies to a New Disk on Mac ?

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Ok, I'm not a sci-fi kind of person, but I do actually like the transformer movies. The kids and I celebrated Thanksgiving early this year since they will be with their mom for the holiday. After dinner we started a fire in the fireplace and put in Transformers II. It's long, but entertaining.

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I we enjoyed the first movie more.
I agree with you SnglDand, the movie is entertaining, but pretty long. There were some things they could have edited out, but maybe it's just the production person in me noticing this stuff.

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well i liked the second one also, I think both the movies are good. I don't wanna be diplomatic but it is true, i loved both of them!

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I have watched all of its sequel & but Second sequel is one of my favorite...

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