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Need fun things to do with my 14 year old son

I'm trying desperately to get my 14 year old son away from his video and computer games. I need some fun, enticing things to do with him. Anyone have any suggestions?

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At 14, he is probably going to be more interested in spending time with his peers. About the only thing I can think of is to take him to a video game convention. My son loves those.

I think it's time to just lay down the law. Tell him he has to earn time on the computer and the video game system by doing other things: chores, schoolwork, scouting, practice music, physical play (like real, not Wii bowling), read. A minute of what you want for a minute of what he wants.

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well if he wants to play them so much make him do stuff around the house so earn time on the games that is how i did it with my little bro. If you need more help just email me.

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It's hard to figure out what to do with boys this age. Unless you are buying them something, they seem to want to be with friends or locked in their rooms playing video games.

Still, try to see if he has other interests. If you live near a city, just pick up the city paper or look online. I find that there are a ton of things to do that yo don't know about unless you look for them, many of them free. (Such as festivals and block parties, book fairs, parades)

There's also the movies, plays, the zoo, art and history and science museums... you could check out state parks in your area for hiking trails. Some of the parks offer nature programs, canoeing etc.

A family game night can also be fun.