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Mobile Gaming and In App Purchases

Mobile gaming can be great fun for children; however, this game time often comes at the cost of not connecting with family members.

I believe a great solution for this problem is a safe, easy-to-use wish list for virtual goods (items sold in video games), providing parents and grandparents a way to connect with young gamers.

Players of mobile/tablet games can add in-game items they want to a list. Family members can gift the selected goods as a way to celebrate, reward good behavior, or simply say “you’re awesome”. I’m envisioning this solution as a gift store for virtual goods.

What do you think of the idea?

Thanks for welcoming me to the forum!

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You are right, it can be possible when every person understands how to set permissions on their device, and what and how IAP works. But the problem is that parents simply don't have that level of sophistication, and there isn't a button in the settings that says 'disable IAP'.
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Apple implemented a new feature called “Guided Access” with iOS 6.0. The feature allow “parents, teachers, or administrators” to lock within individual applications by disabling the device’s physical home button and the ability to exit back out of an application. I have downloaded an app name "baby Rattle jhoonjhooni" which is a good preschool educational app and kiosk mode work there perfectly. You may try this mode too.