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Halloween is here!!!

Halloween is almost here and we have a few new things for halloween. Costumes and activity ideas for your children!!

Halloween Fun and Activities for Kids

Halloween Costume Finder

Check it out and tell us what you do for Halloween!!

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Looks like there are a lot of great ideas. I'll have to review that site later. Thanks for the links!

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concerned mom

Halloween is my all time favorite time of yr! Every yr we have a party, get dressed up, go pumpkin picking, take a's a blast! I have a lot of happy childhood memories of Halloween that I try to pass on to my children. For me, it's the best holiday of all.

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I am so excitingly waiting for Halloween every year. SO so so curious to wear the funky dresses at the time. :)

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There is a new Halloween app for free!! Its called Monsters for Kids, great website by same name. Really cute monsters, has sounds with them.