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In this area let's discuss various educational toys & games and how the help with parenting. In my opinion, games that educate have benefits way beyond the simple fact that they teach. The reality is that when we play games with our children we are developing fantastic interaction. The fact that the game educates is an added bonus.

This year I have invented a toy called Polydi. It can be viewed at In my bias opinion it is a great way to play with our children and educate them about math and strategic thinking at the same time. I'd you have a chance to review my project, let me your your comments or suggestion on how I can improve the games.

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Hi Everyone, What's your favorite educational game for your kids? My son loves playing the online games at Pora Ora ( They've got games for learning multiplication, spelling and geography. I highly recommend it since you can play in pairs against each other. Also there is a world in which the players can grow a garden and buy things to decorate their home. It's very engaging. Mary