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What is your favorite educational game for elementary school age children? In my opinion, their are many good games. Due to the fact that many children tend to have a rather short attention span, it is often a good idea to rotate between several games. If a child becomes board with a particular game, put it away for a few weeks (or a few months) and come back to it at a later time. Their are plenty of games to choose from that provide educational benefits.

Let's use this discussion to list out some of our favorites.

What are your favorites?

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Yeah, kids can be fickle-minded than their mothers at times... :) Well, i have tried playing Draw Something Online and have my nieces playing the game as well, they seem to enjoy it. Though the game is basically drawing and guessing, it is quites useful in improving mental alertness , and yes, creativity.
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For a board game we like "Hoot, Owl Hoot" because it is a cooperative learning game. I like the iPad app "Musical Paint" because it is open-ended and allows for a lot of possibilities. There are lesson plans on the company's website available for parents and teachers.
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Managing in app purchases is a problem. Stories of children spending lots of money (at times unknowingly) playing their favorite mobile games are hard to miss. I believe a great solution for this problem is a safe, easy-to-use wish list for virtual goods. Players of mobile/tablet games can add in-game items they want to a list. Family members can gift the selected goods as a way to celebrate, reward good behavior, or simply say “you’re awesome”. I’m envisioning this solution as a gift store for virtual goods. What do you think of the idea? Thanks for welcoming me to the forum!
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In my child age. I like puzzle game.
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My child favorite educational app is Nursery Rhymes for kids.
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If you want suggestions of games that require no materials, check out the recently released book, Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don’t Need Charging. All the games are tons of fun and you can play them anywhere since they don’t require anything but a pen and paper. Additionally, the games are meant for all ages of kids. Check it out at
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Allow me to recommend you Blini Kids Animals, and Animals Dot to Dot. They are meant for +3 kids, translated to 7 languages and with all the pictures handmade drawn. Here goes a promocode for the iPad/iPhone version of Blini Kids Animals: TY43N74FM66P
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I get my 15 year old nephew a video game every year right from 5 years . All keeping in mind the age factors. I get him all the strategic and role play games to build up his skills.