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appropriate video games for kids?

Any suggestions for game that are good for kids and fun for the family?

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concerned mom

I can't think of any good family video games off the top of my head as my kids are a bit young for them. I wld suggest board games like Clue or Monopoly. A lot depends on the age of your children. As a family, we like to go out for fun. Try things like bowling, minature golf, air hockey.... There's a place by us that has all kinds of indoor games and sports related activities such as batting cages and basketball hoops. Maybe your kids wld enjoy doing something like that. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

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If you are looking to buy a game console, I would buy a Nintendo Wii. Their games are very family-friendly, for younger kids all the way up to parents.

They have just come out with the "Wii Fit" game. I don't know how it works, but it is supposed to be both a game and a fitness tool in one.

I hear they have already sold out initial supplies!

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Assuming the kids are about ten, if the game's not rated mature, it should be fine.
Make sure to look on the back of the game for why it was rated Teen or Mature. If the game says any of the following, do not buy it: Intense violence, Nudity, Partial Nudity (This means beach-wear type nudity. Bras, bikinis, shorts, that sort of thing. ), Strong Language, Strong Lyrics. Use of Drugs and alcohol is fine, in my experience - It doesn't promote the usage of the drugs, but the drugs are available in the video game.

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My 12 year old likes poptropica.

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concerned mom

We just learned about a website called club penguin. Go to www.clubpenguin.com. My kids (ages 5 & 4) love it.
Also, www.starfall.com is good and very educational too.

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My family loves to play Rock Band on our playstation PS3. Everyone gets to play at the same time, our 5 year old can even play along on drums or microphone (so long as my 13 year old plays lead guitar and "saves" him).

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Sounds like you have wonderful children. Our family also enjoys Rock Band, but I am the one who often needs "saving"!

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We have two DVD games that work with the tv that my boys like. One is Thomas Bingo (my 4 yr old especially) and the other one is Myth Busters (my 8 yr old really likes). We also have battleship and chess on my son's computer that he likes to play.(8 yr old.)

Have you ever tried Twister with your family? My boys like Connect 4, Chutes and Ladders, Scrabble or Scrabble Jr., and Monopoly - if you have lots of time.

Last year at my house we did family movie night. I got free movies at the library that were suited for families and it was something we looked forward to. We haven't done it as much recently, just because of different schedules.

You could try Pictionary or even you could Pantonime things you would write out on slips of paper.Good luck.

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I would say Dr. Mario coz it will be good for their brain improvement.