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appropriate video games for kids?

Any suggestions for game that are good for kids and fun for the family?

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concerned mom

I can't think of any good family video games off the top of my head as my kids are a bit young for them. I wld suggest board games like Clue or Monopoly. A lot depends on the age of your children. As a family, we like to go out for fun. Try things like bowling, minature golf, air hockey.... There's a place by us that has all kinds of indoor games and sports related activities such as batting cages and basketball hoops. Maybe your kids wld enjoy doing something like that. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

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If you are looking to buy a game console, I would buy a Nintendo Wii. Their games are very family-friendly, for younger kids all the way up to parents.

They have just come out with the "Wii Fit" game. I don't know how it works, but it is supposed to be both a game and a fitness tool in one.

I hear they have already sold out initial supplies!

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Assuming the kids are about ten, if the game's not rated mature, it should be fine.
Make sure to look on the back of the game for why it was rated Teen or Mature. If the game says any of the following, do not buy it: Intense violence, Nudity, Partial Nudity (This means beach-wear type nudity. Bras, bikinis, shorts, that sort of thing. ), Strong Language, Strong Lyrics. Use of Drugs and alcohol is fine, in my experience - It doesn't promote the usage of the drugs, but the drugs are available in the video game.

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Webosaurs.com without question. It is fun, safe, quests, games, and educational. My daughter was playing in there yesterday and they had a firework party in the world!!! I saw THREE moderators in the world monitoring the kids and helping them out. I mean, I have NEVER seen anything like that in another kids game site. Highly recommend it.

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I agree with Bearsmom, Webosaurs.com is super fun. My kids really love it. I wouldn't buy a gaming system when you already have a computer!

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Webosaurs is a really great site. My son just started playing it.

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My son is really into this game too. It is one of the only sites that I don't have to worry about overexposure to violence or sexed up images. It's very kid friendly :D

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My 12 year old likes poptropica.

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concerned mom

We just learned about a website called club penguin. Go to www.clubpenguin.com. My kids (ages 5 & 4) love it.
Also, www.starfall.com is good and very educational too.

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likes dinosaurs