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Security Blankets

I'm writing a book about security blankets and what we might have had as a child or what our children and/or grandchildren have cuddled or are cuddling up with. I'm looking for stories about security blankets (maybe a tale about something lost and then found) or unusual items used as security blankets. Thanks.

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Hi my 4 year old son got a elephant named Ernie that said a prayer he got it a couple of days old off his grandparents ever since he has never parted from it he takes it to bed with him every night he never takes it with him throw the day its just a night time thing.

i had to go out a buy a second one so i could wash it and then he could still have ernie for bedtime.

The things you do to keep you little one happy.

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My brother had a stuffed teddy bear.It was my idea to make his bed in the broiler of our parents oven.Teddy was "cooked", and my parents spent the evening trying to find another one! They did find one,but my brother never played with it.

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Hi Leza, our son had one of the ernie elephants (was that the one that also played the Brahms lullaby) since he was born. We have lost it somewhere in the last 2 months and ever since he hasn't slept through the night and is waking up looking for him. Zac is now 3 and a half.  Would anyone have any idea where we can get another from? we need sleep.

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hidavensue no my sons ernie just said a little night pray i had to buy two of them so i could wash one so i know how you fell