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Are we raising our families differently ?

hey everyone, 

I would like to know  about certain things   that we do differently as parents . I am an african american woman and i would like to know what other race parent s do with their children  for example eating habbits , education,family time ,planning vacations,ok  my childrens eating habbits are good they could be better and im working on that. secondly education my children are still young but my two daughters  6and 7 did wonderful in school they  are promoted to the first and second grade yahooooo! my baby boy is home schooled by me and everyone says he is a bright  and happy child .so all races please respond . i may want to try some of your parenting skills



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There is no different way of raising your family as far as you as parent and the children feel comfortable. I strongly feel a family time chatting amoung all of you discussing all matters related to you even politics, music, friends, family politics etc even if other families are not doing it. You can also develop your own eating habits specially the timings and a chain within the family that all will sit together and have it. The only thing u need to take care is that your children do not feel strangers in the locality they live in.

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Too much time is wasted in watching what other people do. You're doing just fine. Follow your instinct and you won't go wrong.