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Educational Environment

My name is JessiDev, I have an issue with today’s educational environment. I am a Christian and isn’t any place here where I can be relaxed about my child’s religious values, the sacred thoughts will remain same as I gave him?

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I suggest that you spend some time in the school. I have spent time in quite a few public school classrooms. There is so much that they MUST cover, the teacher wouldn't have time to shake your child's foundation of faith even if she/he wanted to.

I homeschool my children from time to time, but my concern is not with their faith being replaced with secularism.

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No matter what goes on in school, what you are teaching your child will be stronger.

Our church has a great program for keeping your family standards. It is called Family Home Evening. Here is how it works.
Set aside an evening once a week- it helps if it is the same day and time every week- and use this time to discuss things.
We tend to have a short lesson, then a fun activity and a desert or favorite snack.

Our lessons have covered everything from, getting along as a family, religious beliefs, emergency escape routes, how to share chores, family budget, etc.

This gives the family time to cover and discuss lots of needed topics. You can make it religious as often as you feel you need.

You don't specify what christian religion you are but I am Mormon. We often have different, or more specific beliefs. We don't smoke, or go to parties on Sunday. Things that can set us apart and make us seem different. Check my profile if you find that your child is experiencing bullying at school. I talk at schools, and have written a book dealing with kids dealing with bullying.

Good luck. I hope this helps.