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eating during pregnancy

Does anyone have any advice about eating right during pregnancy? I want to do what's best for my baby, but all I crave is ice cream and cookies -- help!

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Tell me about it! I kept Ben and Jerrys in business when I was pregnant. But as far as I know, you only need 100 more calories each day when you are pregnant. I gained 50 pounds with my first. And if I ever have another one I will not let that happen. Take care of yourself, but I do think that junky food makes you more tired and what pregnany lady needs to be more tired?

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Eating healthy can be really difficult when you're pregnant. The beginning of my pregnancy was filled with morning sickness and food aversions. My diet was horrid because it seemed that all I could really tolerate was grilled cheese and chocolate milk. And, I couldn't get a vegetable near my mouth without running to the bathroom! As a vegetarian, that pretty much ruined my diet for the first four months! My OB didn't seem overly concerned though, and my diet has improved as the nausea has gone away.

I think you have to go with the thought, "everything in moderation." At least, that's what makes me not feel so guilty when I have that late night bowl of ice cream -- just two scoops instead of the five that I really want!

I can't say that I really have any advice for you, but I can relate!

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I didn't have cravings or morning sickness, but no matter what I ate I ended up with heartburn with all of my pregnancies.  No matter what I ate I would get the worst heartburn.  It kind of took the fun out eating at all!  I would much rather have cravings.

I would say that taking care of your craving every here and there is ok, just make sure you get enough of the healthy stuff too!

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Strangely I'm a junk food addict who craved healthy food while pregnant. Normally I have a huge aversion to apples but I ate TONS of apples while pregnant.  I craved Ice and blue berries.  My now 7 year old asks for blueberries every night before bed I alsways tell him the story of how i ate bluberries like crazy when he lived in my stomach.

Here's my advice:

when you are pregnant you do not have to EAT for two.

So don't eat larger portions.  try to excersice while pregnant.  like a walk in the morning and a walk in the evening.

Don't keep junk food in the house.  When you are out just buy small servings and keep it at that.  Just odn't bring it in the house.

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I always had a hard time getting enough iron in my diet while pregnant. I had a few weird cravings but mostly ate normal. My advice is to eat vitamin fortified cereal. It's easy on the stomach and has both Iron and Folic Acid which are very important for pregnant women. I had to eat a lot while pregnant and nursing because I have a high metabolism. I had a hard time gaining weight. So you've gotta do what is right for your body. 

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also for those who crave cookies, try adding oatmeal and decreasing the butter in cookies when you make them. It makes them a little more healthy. It doesn't work with all recipies, but it does with most. 

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Ik how you feel im 6 mnths pregnant and i still look almost the same as i did before i got pregnant! ppl tell me too eat and eat but i carry around junk food everywhere i go! wat can i do about my high matablism??? (3-11-10) Mrs.Clark

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Every pregnant need to have healthy foods during pregnancy. need to avoid caffeine during pregnancy. It is better to keep junk foods away during pregnancy.
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During pregnancy you need to have healthy fruits and vegetables. When I was pregnant, I used to eat healthy food and juices, ice creams. I used to get a craving to eat brownies and cheesecakes of Wholesale Quiches, there desserts are quite good and contains low fat.