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due date september 2014

hi everyone, i'm due september 26, which makes me a little over 6 weeks now! i'm very excited, as this will be my first child. let me know if there's anyone else out there with a due date in september!

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I am due September 16th with our first child (almost 8 weeks). What an interesting journey it has already been (hormones a bit crazy), looking forward to the next ~225 days. How are you feeling? Have you been to the doctor yet?
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I'm due September 12th (we think). 2nd baby. Feeling good, just a little tired, but chasing an 18 mo around will tire anyone, esp. a preggers woman :)
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Due date September 3 :)
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Due date September 28 - as of last ultrasound. This is our first child and so far it's been a rollercoaster ride between the fatigue, almost constant nausea and abdominal pain due to fibroids (only discovered during my first ultrasound). Thanks to the online message boards I’ve been able to keep my sanity and not stress over every little physical twinge, ache or pain. Only three more weeks until I’m into my second trimester and hopefully done with the nausea (everythign else I can deal with). My husband and I are looking forward to finally being able to announce our joyous news to family and friends!
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Hi I'm due October 25th only group found close enough ....
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Just went today intake appt .... Can I say how totally exhausted I am ??? How about you ??
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@shaunaskinner - I'm due on Oct 16th! (Sorry September mommies!! We don't have a home yet! We're too new!! lol) So I'm just 9 weeks today, with my first, and extremely tired and nauseous and I have this HORRIBLY disgusting taste in my mouth that I can not get to go away. It's the absolute worse part of everything so far! It even wakes me up out of my sleep! I've actually been keeping gum and mints beside my bed at night so that when I wake up I can pop something in to help me go back to sleep. No one warned me about this!!!! lol
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Hello there I'm also due on the 16 of september I'm abt 14 weeks would love to talk to someone about all the progress especialy since its my 1st pregnancy it would be nice to share,cnt wait for september
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@sikhosana - I'm exactly one month behind you (Due Oct 16th), but this is also my first, so I'd love to hear about your progress and share the experience! Maybe you can give me a heads up on what to expect as I move along! :-) I have a doctor's appointment on Friday, so I'm hoping to hear and see some good news! How are you feeling lately?
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Hi all! I'm due September 17th with my first one, and so far, not only have had the nausea, but have had a sinus infection, bronchitis, the stomach bug, and now, in April of all things, the flippin' flu! So worn out! Can't wait to feel my little bug move so I have an every day reminder of why I'm feeling this way.