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Due Date November 2013

Hi my due date is Nov. 1st. I am soooo happy today I'm 5weeks and 4days.

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I had my first ultrasound today it says I am 5 weeks 2 days pregnant off by 2 days from my calculations my due date should be Nov 4th. she saw only sac she couldn't see the baby as she said it's too early but the good thing is it is inside the uterus.
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Hi! Tomorrow I am six weeks exactly. I won't see my doctor for four more weeks, so she may have another date in mind but based on my LNMP my due date is estimated for Nov. 5th. I am just thrilled!
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hello, today i am 6 weeks and a day according to my lmp. my due dat is nov 8 :) i have my first big appointment wed, we are so excited! will keep you all updated!
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Hello! Today im 5 weeks, 4 days with a due date of Nov 13th. This will be my 3rd a final child....hoping for a girl this time. Congrats to the rest of you :-)
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Hi I'm 6weeks and 1 day today but I still haven't heard from a midwife I left my name & dates with the receptionist at the doctors but still haven't heard anything...
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I'm really 5 weeks and 5 days today, but my gynecologist said I was 5 weeks 2 days, because she doesn't count from the day I conceived or take into account that I have a 25 day luteal cycle. I obviously know better than her, since she only deals with pregnant women all the time. ;-) When we have my ultrasound in 2 weeks, we shall see. She says I'm due November 18, which is fine with me! This is our first baby.
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Hello all. My due date is November 24. This will be child number 2 for us and we are so excited! Before the birth of my eldest I had a miscarriage though and am terrified that it could happen again. I have no reason to be worried but I cannot stop thinking about it! I am 6 weeks today...cannot wait to be done the first trimester.
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Hi ladies! My due date is November 18th. This will be my first child. Got pregnant at 39 and will be delivering at 40! I'm so excited and BLESSED! Thank you, God! Leslie, I know how you feel. I lost a pregnancy early on around 5 1/2 weeks. So now my mind is racing! I'm now 7 weeks and 3 days. My nausea and sore boobs stopped out of the blue yesterday! The nausea is back slightly, but every body change alerts me. I am praying for the second trimester (AND THIRD) as well! Let's keep each other POSITIVE! :-)
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Nauseau is back! Lol. My boobs still aren't sore anymore. But constipation and fatigue still here too. I get my first u/s on April 29th so I'm praying to hear a strong heartbeat and see a beautiful little bean in there! Hope you're all doing well. :)
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Got more blood work done and everything looks GREAT! HCG at 91,983 at 8 1/2 weeks. Progesterone at 35.5. So all is well. :-) Seems like I'm the only one on here now, so I'll just keep updating! Lol. Hope you ladies are well. All the best!