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due date jan 1 2012

I found out yesterday at 10 dpo that I am, infact, pregnant. I'm due Jan 1, 2012 and would like a buddy :)

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Host Marti

Congrats!! This will be such an exciting time for you, enjoy every moment of it!


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hi jrdsgirl! I am due the same day as you!!! Let's buddy up!!! I've already been having crazy symptoms!

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Hi there! I'm also due the same day!! I have been keeping a blog that you might want to "follow" and then we can all share our experiences. Check it out: http://preggersinchina.blogspot.com


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Hey! I'm actually January 16, 2012...So I'm right behind ya'll!

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How's everyone doin'? I gotta say, I'm hating life right about now :(

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Hello to all. I am due Jan 1, 2012 as well. It would be nice to have buddies on this journey. Are ya'll going to find out what you are having? I am because I have to have everything prepared and ready before the baby arrives :)I have been feeling ok so far. I have alittle nausea here and there but that usually is telling me that I need to eat something. I'm still hating this strong sense of smell though. This morning when I was driving to work I ended up behind a hog truck ewwwwwlllll. I thought that was actually going to be my first time really throwing up.

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I am actually due on January 22, 2012

I am scared - I was already overweight (plus have poly cystic ovaries, asthma and a bad kidney) and my doctor has stressed me on my nutrition and not doing anything stressful for the first 12 weeks or bye bye baby.

I am blessed with no morning sickness but cursed with nights - so I am having no trouble coming to work - actually i come to work even more refresh because the gravol I take at night put me to sleep earlier than i would have gone to bed.

I had a scare yesterday (asthma attack) automatically used my inhaler - was so scared the medication did something to the baby - whew doctor says all is well

I am just rambling need somebody to talk to - my husband is a late bloomer type of guy - until he see actual movement he wont be as active but he tries to handle my hysteria.

thnx for listening

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Wow, you are wise to check with your MD. Sounds like you need to eat enough good food for the two of you, and move enough to relieve stress.
You are working--do you have time for a stroll sometime during the day? I am amazed at how much my mood improves when I get outside for a walk, especially if I have a friend with me.

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I will try the walking - I keep telling myself to take a walk but must times i am dashing from one meeting to the next.

Good day so far

still stuffy but better

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due Jan 12th,who else is with me?