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April 2014


Im looking for moms due April 2014. Im 5/6 weeks pregnant, first time mom from South Afica.

Would like to chat to ladies about their pregnancy. I'm not telling anyone until the end of first trimester so some buddies would be nice :)


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I'm due In April too! Although, we are still trying to confirm a viable pregnancy. I'm 4 w 3 d so it's still SUPER early. I will get my second blood test on Thursday to check if levels are progressing. This is baby #4 for us!
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Wow thats awsome !!! congrats I am also still early. My HCG was 411 last tuesday. Had another test done yesterday. We are visiting my in-laws this weekend, I want to make sure we are definately pregnant before I tell them.(once my mother in law knows the whole world will know) When did you tell your in-laws / family with your last ones? People say I shouldnt tell as something can go wrong and then you dont want the whole wold to know. I so exited - want to tell people...but should probably wait till I had the fist ultrasound. My sister and mother (and obviously husband) knows.
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Hi, I'm from Johannesburg and due in April too! 6 weeks and 5 days along.
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Well, I was suspose to be due april 20th. Then I had bad cramps, so I went to the er. When I should have been 6wks, I was only measuring at 4 with no fetal pole!!! Scared the crap outta me!! Had blood work and my levels were at the very low part of doubling. So the next wk I had another emergency u.s. done by the ob. They spotted the smallest dot!!! It measured at just 6wks!!! One wk off the dates but hey!! They spotted my baby with a heartbeat!!! This past wk I had another u.s to see my dot now looking like a jelly bean!!! The Lord is surely good and has blessed us with number 6!!! These next few wks I'm still a bit nervous but I'm sure God has my back just as he always does:-) so here's my journey to baby number 6!!! May 1st!! Hey!!! Not april, but still here for you!! :-) I'm in secret also. We get a lot of negativity as if we need it from the world, so my husband and I decided to keep our joy to ourselves.
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I am on my 3rd child and although I'm due May 2nd, I figured I'm not too far from the crowd. I needed some comforting women to chat with also. I started telling people last week when i was only 6 weeks, then I has some bleeding and thought I was threatening a miscarriage. So I advise you not to start telling everyone quite yet. Thank God the bleeding stopped and I have my next appt this Thursday so my OB can check the heartbeat and everything. I went 2 weeks ago, but at only 5wks/6days, I was still too small. So he scheduled me to come back 2 weeks later. Which will be this Thursday. i hope all is well. Has anyone found a way to kind of help with morning sickness? The nausea is almost unbareable for me!
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Try peppermints :-) :-) worked with me and my 4h:-)
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Hi from Guelph Ontario here! I'm also due April 3rd but will most likely deliver in March!! Congrats to you all. Hope everyone's babies are doing well!! I just had my 4th ultrasound and I saw my little baby flipping all over the place. Anyone else can feel the baby kick yet. I have a rare condition where I have two uterus' and the uterus the baby is in, is pushed right up against my stomach and I can already feel him/her kicking. The ultrasound tech confirmed that I was right and it was the baby moving around. I can't wait until April, I'm so excited. This is my 8th pregnancy and only 1 has survived so I feel so blessed to be with this child. If anyone is interested in talking I'd love to have a due date buddy :)
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Hi Guelph!! So excited for you!!! Praying your jumping bean presses thru!! Yes, I have felt little vibrations from my jellys movements. They say the more babies you have the sooner you my feel things or even start to show! I'm 8wks and 4 days and this is my 7th baby 5 live and this one! :-) :-) :-)
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Hi everyone!! I'm 11 wks pregnant and due April 25th! This is our second baby and we are so very excited! Happy to be on a board with other ladies due around the same time ;-)
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Hi people! Live in NYC, I'm 13 wks and 1 day, due April 12th. First one and it's pretty much a miracle. I'm showing but still have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.!