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Staying Away From Home

My son is in 9th grade and is always away from home. He always has to have friends around him. When he comes home once a week his friends are with him. He gets bored easily. He runs from one friends house to another. Last night a friend snuck in and they left the house at 2 AM. I don't know what to do to keep him here on school-nights. I feel like I have no control because I can't take anything away from him because he is hardly here to care about it. Please help! Thanks.

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Schedule time with your son. Have specific events you and him are scheduled to attend... It could be that you are having dinner together or seeing a movie or scheduled to see a sports event. Don't find a reason why your son won't agree to this and don't find a reason why you can't do this. Make it mandatory that he show up for whatever you have scheduled. Plan ahead and consult him on what and when, but don't settle for "I don't have time"... Start scheduling something and if you would like at times let him invite a friend.

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concerned mom

Being surrounded by friends is great, but your son shld be home every day after school, and every wkend, unless he gets your permission to go out. Who makes the rules here? Your son's in 9th grade, so that means he must be about 14 or 15 yrs old. And he's staying out of the house making his own schedule? Are you kidding me? Get that boy's butt back home, sit him down, and tell him what the rules are. You're the boss, not him!
Furthermore, don't let your son out of the house unless you know where he is at all times. If he breaks a rule, punish him. Make him care, or your son will learn the hard way that life's not that easy when you have to make it on your own.