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How should a spanking be administered: fully clothed, pants down, underwear only, bare bottom, naked?
I'm asking this because I am going to start spanking my seven year old son, and I've gotten a lot of suggestions.
Also, should I use anything besides my hand, or at most a belt or a tree branch?

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Why would you hit your seven year old kid with a tree branch? Are you a cave man?? Hitting your children will lead to emotional, legal and social problems. I think those who hit people, smaller than them, should be hit for their own errors. When you are late for work or miss a deadline, your boss should take a belt and smack you with it, or better yet, get you naked and hit you with a tree branch!!

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Znick, lay off the paint chips.

Tamz, Znick is obviously trying to annoy anyone he can. I think mom and dad left him home alone. It seems that every post he replies to, his solution is to spank the child. For some reason he strikes me as the kind of person who, if hit in the nose, would suffer a broken finger.

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Znick is trying to be clever.
Keep trying, buddy. Someday, you will get one foot on the cleverness ladder, and after that I've heard it gets easier.

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What good will spanking do? there is so many other ways and methods to discilpine a child. I raised a lot of children out of different backgrounds - spanking is hardly the answer. PS it must have been a long wait and you have to be very happy "it is spanking time" Get a life of your own and do not take this little boys life away before he even had the change to live it. Do not let him grow up with recentment. I can only quess your upbrining - do not do what you hated most inlife that was done to you.LOVE YOURSELF AND YOUR SON!

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I aggree I do not think spanking is the way to go. My husband on the other hand feel like we should spank. There are time outs for younger children, consequences for bad behaviors for instance take away what the child likes the most and make them earn it. The main thing is follow through. I think times have changed and there are now other alternatives. This is my opinion.

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I think spanking is ok depends what the reason is! Not every day but when needed there are so many other things you could try that would be last resort! I think that’s what’s wrong with the kids there days no discipline when you were a child would you even think about bringing a gun to school NO way you would think of what would my mom or dad do to me if I get caught! I think your hand is fine with his clothes on! And no tree branches!!!!!

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thanks everybody that actually made a suggestion.

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concerned mom

I had to read this post twice b/c it was hard to believe I read it correctly the first time. Are you for real?!? I admit, I've spanked my kids for running in the street or continuously misbehaving after telling them not to do something many times, but never wld I consider a belt or a tree branch? I don't know who put such ideas in your head, but you shld seriously not take such advice. Also, may I suggest getting yourself and your children some therapy? Maybe find out why your kids are behaving in such a manner by getting to the root of the problem, not spanking them in such an inhumane way. I've learned through experience that nipping a situation in the bud is the best solution for disciplining my children. For expl, if my kids won't do what is asked of them, I'll only ask 2 or 3 times tops before I put them in time-out or take something away from them. This has helped my husband and I tremendously, in that now the anger hasn't built up to the point where we feel the need to spank our kids, and we can handle the situation in a much calmer manner. It's hard, I know, but it's a better solution then hitting, which in my opinion only instills fear in your children, but doesn't really help the situation. Don't you want to have well adjusted self-confident children that you can feel proud of? I can tell you that a tree branch or a belt will not bring out these positive qualities in you kids. Please reconsider your form of discipline, for yourself, your children, their children....

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Consider reading 123 Magic. It's a phenomenal book on disciplining your child in a calm nurturing way. It works! (non spanking necessary).


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Children should only get spanked if they do something that you have told them is wrong, it doesn't matter what you hit them with a stick or your hand anything is fine. They can be fully clothed when you hit them you get the point across by this action