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Obnoxious Behaviors in 3 y.o.

Name an annoying habit or behavior and my son probably loves doing it.  Can I get him to stop them, or am I simply laying a foundation for later when I explain to him, for example, that people don't like seeing others pick their noses and eat it.  Also, my son LOVES attention, and ALWAYS has since he was a baby.  He will go up to complete strangers and serenade them, singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Traffic Light."  He will buddy up with adults in charge like the docents at the zoo or the staff at the wading pool or the musicians at church and want to talk to them and watch everything they are doing.  He will say "hi" to literally everyone he comes in contact with and if people don't say "hi" back, he loudly narrates, "He didn't say 'hi.' Why didn't he say, 'hi?'"  Not only is this a potential safety issue, but he can be a bit of a public nuisance in some people's eyes.  Any ideas on how to guide him so that his extrovertedness and curiosity are kept in line and remain positive attributes?


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My Daughter is also exremely extroverted.  In fact I call her the pea[filtered word] because she has to be the center of attention.  She too will engage adults she does not know in conversation, ask alot of questions, sing to them, dance, etc.  Since I was a very shy child, I appreciate that my child is like this, and  like you I would hate for her to give up/lose her curiosity, confidence and outgoing personality.  Her Father and I are also trying to teach her boundaries. However, I find this very hard for an outgoing child, because you want her to have manners, and greet people (She sees me doing the  same), but not be too friendly with strangers.  While I repremand her for fresh/sassy behavior,  I always reward her for positive behavior like having the good manners and greeting people positively. 

Marti, or others, I am  also curious as to what do you do to teach boundaries to extremely social toddlers like AttyZoeMom and i have?

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My first child was exactly the same way! They do outgrow this ! We adults always speak to strangers, so naturally ....they do the same. I just explained to her that not all adults like children & she should check with me before speaking to someone she doesn't know My second child was exactly opposite. Asks me first before she replies to a question from strangers.