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My 3 year old won't listen

I have a 3 year old and a 1 and a half year old. My 3 year old dosn't listen to anything i say, i find my self yelling evey minute of the day. To make things worse my 1 and half year old tends to copy the 3 year old, so if i say pack up your toys and my 3 year old doesn't respond neither will my 1 and half year old. I yell and yell and we both end up in tears.

I've been working fulltime for a year now and they both stay with my parents and my inlaws, the week is split up. I tend to find they give in to everything they want, i've spoken to them and they can't seem to follow through. I don't know what to do any more, its so frustrating when no one helps me.

I don't know if i should put him in child care for a while, maybe he will pick up to what other kids do. If he see others listening and obeying orders, he might to?

Can anyone please give me advise?

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Dee Mercer Behaviour
I really feel for your situation - unfortunately even if you place your child in child care he will still display the same behaviour for you at home. Children are clever and know how to push our buttons to get their own way. they do however respond to boundaries even if different in certain settings. If you can stay calm and not shout - even though you are really tired and use your discipline techniques - be consistent - they will know your rules and follow them - it will take a little time but stay on track. Also if you can make things into a game - let's see who can get the most toys up, undressed the quickest, get up stairs first etc 3 yr olds really respond to that. There will also be a little bit of attention seeking from them as you are at work - don't feel guilty - just don't reward the bad behaviour and only respond to the good. Take care. Good luck.
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haha, my son is 3 years and half too, he born in 7th of 9, in 2008, he doenst listen to me too, we still fed him when we have meal, he is in school now,
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my son lives with my parent too, they are living another city. every weekend we go to there see him. and the old ppl always do anything for him.
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Welcome to the club :D
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When kids don't listen, you can be assured parents don't listen to their kids either. Look up ahha parenting for starters on how to get your children to listen, by you learning to listen to them first. Parenting doesn't need to be a power struggle. Made a big difference in my life, once I realized I didn't need to be as controlling as I was. Good luck.
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"Kazdin Method" is a good book for you to read and use. Also putting them in daycare might help if you can afford it.
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whomever is his child care provider needs to back you up on the discapline.
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maybe what i've got from the net here is helpful /2012/11/power-struggle-with-kids.html