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my 2 yr old so

I have a 2 year old son who thinks its funnky to punch his sister in the head and bit her, choke and hit me when he gets mad and when i try to spank him it doesnt faze him, he just laughs and runs away from me. He ignores everything i tell him and tells me no, shut up, and stop it, when i try to punish him. I dont know wut to do my family has all told me that they think he has ADD/ADHD. I dont want him on medicane but i do want him to learn that wut he is doing is wrong and bad, but he just doesnt seem to listen or care wut i have to say to him... What should i do??????

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He is 2? Even if he is ADD/ADHD it is unlikely any doctor will put him on meds at this young age.

Spanking does not work. He is still hitting because you hit him. He ignores you because you have trained him that he can get away with that and all the other negative behaviors you have listed. It is time for you do do things diferently. Your family needs the SuperNanny approach. Go to her website or get her book from the library.

Look at some of the other posts on here. Acitez gives excellent advice.