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How do I get my 3 year old to go to bed without a tantrum?

Every night I try to get my 3 year old to go to bed and it is a huge battle. We end up watching her taped shows until I cant take anymore or she falls asleep. I want to get her to bed so that she is in bed at a decent time and so that I may watch my shows. But whenever I try to get her to bed without the shows and Im tired and wanna go to bed myself, she screams and throws a fit until my mother comes to the scene and once again I am the bad parent. What do I do? Ive tried reading books- no good, singing lulabys- no good, snuggling-no good. I dont know what to do.

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Give the child a choice. All choices include going to bed. Choice 1 get a book read then to bed. Choice 2 a glass of water, a book read and then to bed. What ever then to bed. etc Three choices and enough. Two is best. Then stick with it. A threeyear old crying for a short time is not the end of the world for him/her or you. If all else fails, lay with the child for a while before getting up. Do not sleep the night with the child.
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The first thing you need to do is tell your mother not to intervene...and don't give in to tantrums. The only reason a child throws a tantrum is to get what they want, and since it works every time she does it, she's going to keep doing it. Be firm, after all, she's your child not your mother's. I have a three year old too. When we got into a routine it got much better. We switch off tv at 4pm, she plays or paints a bit while i cook, we eat at 7.30, take a shower right after, she has her evening bottle, brush teeth, two books and then light out. She falls asleep in my bed and then i put her in the cot. It takes maybe 15 minutes for her to sleep and she doesnt have an afternoon nap, i eliminqted it because she wouldn't want to sleep at night. Until she got used to me moving her to her cot i used to warn her about it, and reassure her that if she needed mummy i would be there in a flash (im a light sleeper) hope this helps
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my children are 19 to 14 years old now. i did the same bed time routine for al three. i read them a story hugs and kisses then lights out. if they would throw a fit and continue to get up, i would take them back to their bed each time. when you do this you dont say anything but, goodnight. you may have to do this over and over for a few nights, but eventually they stop testing you and they know you wont give in so after story and goodnights they will fall right to sleep. promise it works and its better if you have it down before they are school age. my oldest has a two year old we done the same routine with her and she goes straight to bed allready at this age every night with no fuss.
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Some children are very problematic and take time to leave their habit of throwing tantrums every now and then. Just leave it, they would improve with time. Otherwise the more attention they are given the more they throw tantrums.'s picture
I am a mum of a 1 year old and 4 year old they share a room. My 1 year old goes to bed at 5pm and my eldest of 4 gets an extra hour till 6pm. I routined these times from birth and they wake up at 7am. Tantrums= dont rise above it aka dont shout back just walk away dont make eye contact and evetually the tantrums disappear. Bedtime= 2 things ur child asks for and no more. Shouting = dont shout back cause it shows ur child uv lost control and they do it for attention just walk away. Structure= a chart aka monday for 15 mins tidy a few toys away tues a little hoovering. Face to face= to get ur to listen to u be in the same room face to face with a positive look and talk to ur child. Do not shout from another room they never listen they shut off. Hopefully these are good tips for anyone with toddlers.