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Daughter's behavior

In the past 7 months our daughter has displayed some behaviors that for some reason all of her friends are displaying.  Such as cutting, claiming depression (and are on anti depressants), and announcing they are bisexual.  One of her friends "Michelle" has actually attempted suicide twice and has been sent away but recently returned.  Our daughter has told us that she is friends with them because no one else will be friends with them.  Due to an incident of "deliberately disobeying" a rule for one evening we have told her she in no longer able to hang out with "Michelle".  (since Michelle was involved with this incident)  Now our daughter is displaying terrible sadness (pouting) stating that because of this, Michelle is hanging out with the "wrong" kind of friends that do bad things.  Our daughter is an only child. We are looking for a second opinion on our discipline choice. 

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Your grounding your daughter is the right thing to do.  Ultimately we as parents are responsible for our children and we have to set clear rules for them to follow.  Tell her she is not reponsible for other people's happiness or unhappiness.  Reinforce the fact that she is a unique individual with her own personality.  Love her unconditionally, do not be judgemental, and above all LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN

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You did the same thing I would have... Mabie you could push the familys more important idea. Have her spend lots of time with you and talk about what going on at home, school, on the news,ect. Go to movies, ride bikes, have beauty days. Do lots of fun girly things.     listen  to her, also tell her about things you went through as a teen, the good, bad and scary.