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Curfew for a 14-year old daughter! Please help!

What is a reasonable curfew for my 14-year old daughter? (She's turning 15 in a few months.) The curfew I set for her is around 5:00. She is constantly asking me to extend her curfew because she claims to not have enough time to hang out with her friends. She told me that she starts school at around 8:50 and ends around 3:50. She always takes the bus home and there is about a 25 minutes wait at the bus stop. When she gets on the bus, it takes about 30 minutes to get back to our house by bus and a 5 minutes walk from where she gets off to our house. What should I do? Should I extend her curfew time? If I should extend he curfew time, what time is reasonable for her?

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Well your daughter is going to turn 15 soon so i think she would be responsible enough to let her stay out a bit later. She basically comes home at the time her curfew ends so I don't see a point of her even having a curfew, since what you are basically telling her to do is come home straight after school. I think you should extend her curfew to one hour at least. My daughter is 15 and her curfew is 7:30. Kids need time to be kids. They only live their life once, and should hang out with their friends. I believe having a social life is just as important as doing good in school .What your'e doing is restricting her from being social. Because of this she might become shy or lonely.

This is just my opinion. I hoped I helped.
sincerely, Gertrude

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Thank you so much for your post.

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One meaningful form of discipline is to make children feel the unpleasant consequences of wrong behavior. (Galatians 6:7; compare Exodus 34:6, 7.) If, for instance, your child makes a mess, cleaning it up by himself may make the strongest impression. Has he treated someone unfairly? Requiring that he apologize may correct this wrong trend. Another form of discipline is the denial of privileges for a time in order to drive home the needed lesson. In this way the child learns the wisdom of sticking to right principles.

-Taken from The Family Happiness Book pg 61 published by Watchtower Tract Society

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I think 5:00 is a little too early. In my area, most after school activities (sports, academic clubs etc.) don't end until 5:00 and then she would need time to get home. If she is involved in after school activities sponsored by teh school, I think you should let her participate no questions asked. Anything else can be evaluated on a case by case basis I think. Maybe she wants to have dinner and watch a prime time show at a friends house? If homework and chores were done, I'd let her stay out until an hour or so before you expect her to go to bed.
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6:00 seems about right. You have to be reasonable. Home in time for supper and a kiss when she gets there.